Шпитцкопп — скопление горных образований из гранита в пустыне Намиб. Гранитный массив был образован в результате коллапса гигантских вулканов более чем 100 миллионов лет назад и последующей эрозии вулканической породы. Красивый гранитный останец находится в 120 километрах восточней Свакопмунда в Намибии и возвышается над окружающей его равниной на 700 метров. Его называют «Маттерхорном Намибии», что совершенно не удивляет. Шпитцкоппe — самая фотографируемая гора страны.

When to visit
Best to visit during the cooler months (April — September). Outside of this period the temperatures get deep into the 40 degrees Celsius.

Fast Facts on camping at the Spitzkoppe (via travelnewsnamibia.com)

  • There are dry toilets, with spectacular open-air views, at every campsite
  • Hot showers are available near reception if dust baths are not your thing
  • Your trash will be removed daily by the donkey-cart team
  • There are 31 campsites to suit your every nature fantasy
  • A maximum of eight people are allowed per site, so you might need to split the extended family
  • Keep in mind that no hunting of animals or birds is allowed, so forget about that juicy guinea fowl you’ve been planning for the pot
  • Motorbikes count as vehicles, so you’re not going to be spared the entrance fees when cruising in on your two-wheeler
  • The speed limit is 30 km/h in all areas and for good reason. So stick to it!
  • Firewood and water are available at reception. This is a major plus point, because you’ll need quite a lot of both to make your camping experience more pleasurable.

Полезная туристическая информация

Photography tips | groblerdupreez.co.za

Адрес: Grosse Spitzkuppe Nature Reserve. Namibia
Координаты: 21°49’29.0″S 15°11’39.0″E

Swakopmund drive 122 km on the B2 (tar) towards Usakos and then turn left onto the D1918 (gravel) towards Hentjies Bay. After 18km turn right onto the D3716 (gravel) and drive a further 11km to the Spitzkoppe Eastern access gate. Accessible by ordinary sedan motor vehicle.

from Windhoek take the B1 (tar) to Okahandja (80 km) and then follow the B2 to Usakos (142 km) via Karibib. From Usakos drive 24 km on the B1 towards Swakopmund and then turn right onto the D1918 (gravel) towards Hentjies Bay. After 18km turn right onto the D3716 (gravel) and drive a further 11km.

from Henties Bay drive 90 km on the D1918 (gravel) towards Usakos and then turn left onto the D1925 and drive 13 km to the Spitzkoppe Western access gate.

Matterhorn of Namibia Map

The Spitzkoppe (from German for «pointed dome»; also referred to as Spitzkop, Groot Spitzkop, or the «Matterhorn of Namibia»), is a group of bald granite peaks or bornhardts located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert of Namibia. The granite is more than 700 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,784 metres (5,853 ft) above sea level. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains. The highest peak is about 700 m (2,300 ft) above the floor of the desert below. A minor peak – the Little Spitzkoppe – lies nearby at an elevation of 1,584 m (5,197 ft). Other prominences stretch out into a range known as the Pontok Mountains.
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